Gaskets between the case back, setting crown, & crystal deteriorate over time under normal use as they are subject to many aggression’s; perspiration, dust, cosmetics, temperature changes, ultraviolet rays, chlorine or salt water, etc. leaving your watch vulnerable to moisture damage.

Therefore these parts must be inspected periodically and replaced as necessary. In addition, water-resistant watches must be tested to ensure a proper seal has been re-established.

Water resistance

A federally approved term to indicate the amount of pressure a watch can withstand under water without leaking or losing accuracy.

Water tightness is achieved by installing seals between major parts of the watch case and a specially designed setting crown which, together, prevent moisture from entering the case.

Periodic maintenance is necessary to ensure the water resistance system in place meets manufacturer’s specifications.

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Micro processor based measurement system.

Leakage rate is always referred back to the ISO 2281 Standard.