Service your Rolex in just 10 days.

Rolex Submariner watch restoration service

2 year warranty

Rolex Submariner service $449.00

Factory like repair in a fraction of the time.

Our expertise in luxury watch repairs began in 1994 and our technicians provide our customers the same level of service as the manufacturer, yet we are less expensive, more accessible and provide our customers a more personable experience.

Rolex Service ~ a systematic approach:

  • Dismantle & thorough ultra sonic cleaning of the entire movement in specially formulated solutions. These solutions thoroughly emulsify dried out and congealed lubricants.
  • The escape wheel and pallet jewels are treated with Episurf-Neo. A new generation high performance epilame agent to maintain the properties of the lubricant longer.
  • Adjust side + end shake of barrel arbor, Re-assemble including a new mainspring.
  • Lubricate + regulate the movement according to caliber specific technical communication.
  • The assembled movement is then checked for positional errors + necessary corrections are made.
  • Best possible refinishing / polishing and ultra sonic cleaning of the case and bracelet.
  • Digital leak test to ensure a proper seal has been established. A print out of a successful test provided with every Rolex repair.