To ensure its harmonious functioning, your precision movement depends upon different types of lubricants. Changes in the viscosity of the oil can impede timekeeping through friction wear.

Over time, under normal circumstances the synthetic oils congeal or “break down”.

The tiny gears inside a watch are under tremendous strain – friction is their greatest enemy.  When the synthetic ruby bearings become dry, they will effectively grind away the softer steel parts.

Water resistance is not a permanent condition.

Gasket’s on the case back, setting crown and crystal deteriorate over time under normal use as they are subject to many aggressions; dust, cosmetics, perspiration, temperature changes, etc. leaving your watch vulnerable to moisture damage.

Keeping a regular maintenance schedule will help extend the life of your treasured timepiece.

Rolex recommends to owners that their watch be cleaned and oiled, depending on their wearing habits, about every five years. Gaskets are replaced and dried oils are removed through ultra sonic cleaning, then specially formulated lubricants are applied to ensure your precision instrument will perform to its fullest potential and remain protected from moisture damage.

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