Factory like repair in a fraction of the time.

Rolex President Watch Service

Rolex Day Date watch repair service

Same as factory warranty, 10 business day turnaround.
Rolex President watch Repair service $549.00.

Rolex Service includes:

  • Dismantle & thorough ultra sonic cleaning of the entire movement in specially formulated solutions. These solutions thoroughly emulsify congealed lubricants.
  • The escape wheel and pallet jewels are treated with Moebius 8941 to maintain the properties of the lubricant longer.
  • Adjust side + end shake of barrel arbor, Re-assemble including a new mainspring.
  • Lubricate + regulate the movement according to caliber specific technical communication.
  • The assembled movement is then checked for positional errors + necessary corrections are made.
  • Best possible refinishing / polishing and ultra sonic cleaning of the case and bracelet.
  • Digital leak test to ensure a proper seal has been established. A print out of a successful test provided with every Rolex repair.

Renew your dial for a fresh appearance.

Printer friendly repair form.

Type in your information, print PDF & include with your repair to Get Started!

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