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Ensure your legacy endures the test of time.

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Our expertise in luxury watch repairs began in 1994 and our technicians provide our customers the same level of service as the manufacturer, yet we’re less expensive, more accessible and provide our customers a more personalised experience.

DateJust sapphire crystal restorationRolex DateJust sapphire crystal restoration

Rolex Repair: As Luxurious as When You First Bought it

Protect Your Watch Investment

You may have acquired your Rolex with the idea of it being a family heirloom. Something luxurious you can pass down to future generations, or at least keep for a few years before getting an upgrade. Your watch needs regular maintenance to protect it from the environment and make that a reality. 

Water Protection Fades:

Seals between the case back, setting crown, & crystal deteriorate over time.  This is caused by everything from dust to the sun!

E.g. chlorine or salt water,  cosmetics, perspiration, temperature changes, ultraviolet rays.., hot tubs, etc.

The seals must be replaced to avoid irreparable water damage.

Luxury Disappears:

A fine watch is known for its stunning details. Extensive use creates endless scratches and fingerprints that rob your watch of its luster.

Deposits of dirt and daily grime accumulate between the bracelet links causing corrosion while acting as an abrasive, effectively grinding the metal away.

Keeping a regular maintenance schedule will help extend the life of your treasured timepiece.

Rolex Rejuvenation: How It Works

A full maintenance service only takes ten days. Afterwards, you will be confident about your watch’s condition and performance for five years.

  • Expert disassembly and diagnosis of watch & movement.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning brings each part back to factory-like condition.
  • Re-lubricate & replace seals to protect movement.
  • Replacement of mainspring.
  • Water Pressure test and timing calibration for longevity and accuracy
  • Best possible refinishing / polishing & ultra sonic cleaning of the case + bracelet.
Protect Your Rolex Investment Right Now
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If reflecting your individuality is what makes you tick; we can make your dreams come true.

Personalize your watch

Black Rolex DateJust dial with 10 round brilliant diamonds

Classic black & 10 brilliant diamonds

In stock dials are quickly swapped for your faded, discolored dial during a typical service for a fresh new look!

Champagne Rolex DateJust dial with 10 round brilliant diamonds

Champagne with 10 brilliant diamonds

Elegant and versatile. Add Diamond elegance to your watch with our easy exchange program.

Mother Of Pearl Golden diamond dial for Rolex

MOP Golden with 10 diamonds

Subtle and refreshing. A sophisticated step above stock Rolex watches.

White Rolex DateJust dial with 10 round brilliant diamonds

White Diamond dial

Order white to swap for your faded, discolored dial for a fresh new look!

Magenta Rolex DateJust dial with 10 round brilliant diamonds

Magenta Diamond dial

Perfect to make a loved one’s watch even more special.

Silver Rolex DateJust dial with 10 round brilliant diamonds

Silver Diamond dial

Order silver to swap for your faded, discolored dial for a fresh new look!

Copper color Rolex DateJust dial with 10 round brilliant diamonds

Copper Diamond dial

She already has a Rolex timepiece. She loves it. Take that treasured belonging she loves and enhance it.

Red Rolex DateJust dial with 10 round brilliant diamonds

Red Diamond dial

Red Diamond Dial: Flashy and in-your-face. For when you are ready to be the center of attention.

Blue Rolex DateJust dial with 10 round brilliant diamonds

Blue Diamond dial

Blue Diamond Dial: Royal yet reserved. Elegant yet playful.

Shine Bright like a diamond

  • Swiss trained watchmaker

  • Quality after sales service

  • 25 years experience

  • 10 business day turnaround

  • Create a unique piece

  • Latest trends in dial colors & enhancements

  • 2 year warranty

  • Expertly refinished and polished

  • Digital leak testing ensures a proper seal

Add Diamond Elegance

Reflect your individuality

Our mission is to offer clients the ability to create a one-of-a-kind, unique timepiece, designed in their own image, a kind of extension of their personality that expresses their individual style.

Commemorate important milestones, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and graduations. At the end of this great process, you will be the owner of a sleek Rolex watch that will seal this happy moment in your mind and wrist forever.

Complimentary watch service with any diamond bezel purchase, includes a digital leak test to ensure a proper seal has been established with a 2 year warranty. Available in 18KY, 18KW & 18K Rose gold.

18kt gold bezel with 40 round diamonds for Rolex datejust watch
18kt gold bezel with 38 round diamonds for Rolex DateJust watch
18kt gold bezel with channel set round diamonds for Rolex DateJust watch

White Glove Customer Service

We know how special your watch is to you Not only was it expensive, it’s a long time investment that has probably been with you through thick and thin. Check out what previous clients are saying..,

“ Just got my watch today; excellent job! “

“Looks and feels brand new, I really appreciate the service. You actually did everything as advertised..,    Kudos to you” – Rory O. – Sherwood, AR 72120

Dear Dave; I just want you to know that I am very satisfied for the service you performed on my Rolex watch back July and it is working in excellent order. Thank you.
David Kwan – Phoenix, AZ
Dear David, I received the watch today and it is running great. Thanks for your expedient service.
Livia – Logan, UT 84341
David, Just wanted to let you know I received my watch today and it looks great… It has been a pleasure doing business with you and I will recommend your service to anyone who will listen.. Thanks again..
John Sawyer – Suffield, CT 06078
My watch arrived back yesterday and looks new again. Thanks for the great job and I will contact you for all future service.
Rebecca Riddle – Orlando, FL
Dave, I just wanted to drop a quick note to you to let you know how pleased I am with the work you accomplished on my vintage Rolex Air King. It returned from its trip to you looking brighter than I’ve ever seen it and it keeps such good time! It hadn’t worked for a good decade, due to the expense of repair I had been quoted by the few local jewelers whom would touch it. I’m so happy to have been referred to you. In appreciation, I’ve got 3 new customers coming your way. After I sang your praises, They’re chomping at the bit! Thanks again!
Jeremy Morgan – Southern California

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